Making The Tamiya TXT-1

The chassis in this photo is what’s left from a chassis and suspension kit that I designed and made for my Tamiya Juggernaut 2 to improve its performance in 2000. Tamiya heard about the conversion that I made and asked to see my truck and after meeting with them at the Chicago Hobby Show and showing it to them I was put on the design team for the Tamiya TXT-1. This is the fist time Tamiya ever went outside of the company for design help. I sent my converted Juggernaut to the Tamiya headquarters in Japan where they tested it and even made a modification. See the swaybar setup on the cants? Once the prototype truck was finished I flew to Japan and met with the team to check it out, come up with a paint job and give it a name. They wanted to put my name on the side of the truck but I was concerned that it would be a conflict of interest. So instead they put HB Racing which stands for Hinge Boy Racing. Hinge Boy was a nickname given to me back in the day by Derek Buono of Velocity RC. The body shown on the truck in this photo is the body that was used in the TXT-1 review in the January 2002 issue of RC Car Action Magazine. It was painted by Zegers RC Graffixx.