We have put some tools in place that are ready to make custom parts for you. A 3D printer, CNC router, lathe and more can be used to make custom parts out of aluminum, carbon fiber, brass, wood and more. We can even take your idea and design parts for you. Come in and talk to us about your project and see what we can do for you.


Professional Photography

When you get that special build wrapped up, give us a call and we will take professional magazine quality photos of it for you. We can handle studio and action photography.


Custom Painting

If you have something that needs paint, we can apply it. At Hetmanski Hobbies you can get a single color paint job, two-tone paint, fades and more on Polycarbonate or injection molded bodies. Prices vary depending on the material being painted and complexity of the job. Supplies are included in the price and they're listed blow.



Single color - $40

Two-tone or similar paint - $55

More complex paint jobs (fades, checkered patterns and more) $70


Injection molded

Single color - $40

Single color with detailing - $55

Two-tone - $55

Two-tone with detailing - $70

Complex designs (including fades, flames and so on) $70

Complex designs with detailing - $85

Add $15 to any paint job for polished paint/clear





Performance Upgrades

When you’re tires of the stock performance of your ride, bring it in for an upgrade. We have aftermarket parts for today’s popular vehicles and we can point you in the right direction when choosing them. We can even install them for you.



If you have a broken vehicle or one that has been sitting for a long time, bring it in and we can get it running again. We charge $40 an hour and it's charged in 15 minute increments. Keep in mind that most repairs don’t take an hour to complete


Setup Advice

We have been in the hobby for over 30 years and know a lot about car setup. When you’re ready to get the best possible performance out of your ride, come in and we’ll help you get it dialed in. We can help you with crawlers, solid axle monster trucks, race cars and more.


Body Modifications

We have a lot of experience with modifications of injection molded bodies and can handle any modification you want to make to yours. We can dovetail fenders, fill sunroofs, cut and hinge doors, tilt beds and more.

Interested in 3D printed parts?

Click here to order any of our custom 3D printed parts. We have parts for monster truck and trail and scale rigs.